Turn data into insights

Make right decisions. Discover insights hidden in your data.

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Better view on your ads

Check campaigns performance in a whole new way.
See most important metrics, trends and breakdowns altogether.
Click less and focus more.

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Multi-account dashboard

  • Analyse the aggregated data from all your ad accounts within a second.

  • Avoid switching from one account to another and using external tools for consolidated reports.

Funnel analysis

  • See what moves the needle by cheking dropoff rates from each funnel step.

  • With the real time funnel analysis you can easily identify which touchpoint needs improvement to maximize conversions and ROI.

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Compare periods

  • Analyze the seasonality and behavioural patterns on micro and macro levels.

  • Predict what comes next.

Actionable reports

  • Update your ads directly from your dashboard.

  • Bulk update multiple items and save more time.

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